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Festival of Lights

I am attaching two videos that I had recently made. "Festival of Lights" seems to perfectly capture their essence. The venue is IIT Kharagpur, a university in India. Every year almost unerringly a competition is held which is fought with much gusto and flair between the students of different "halls of residences". The competitions are called Illumination and Rangoli, more generally referred to as "illu" among us students here. Any Indian will quite clearly understand Rangoli, though for others, it is a bit of a work on my tiny little brain to come up with words to explain it.....why don't you google, or as the latest trend that is catching up, "bing" it? Illumination refers to the competition of lights, putting it as lighting earthen lamps (diyas) might sound a tad too easy. As you have already read untill this point why don't you have a look at these videos, I promise you they are fun!

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