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Nat Geo's Top 10 photos of the year

I have below the top 10 Nat Geo photographs for the year 2009. Many photographers are commissioned on projects to capture and illustrate topics given to them through real life photographs. Photography is an art form to express one's own take on a topic, one's own opinion through the emotion one aims to capture. Photographs not only capture an emotion but puts these emotions in place through the canvas of the world that is also included in the backdrop.
I wouldn't blame you if you can think that you can also capture such photographs as those given below, if you had the equipment and the money to travel to exotic places to capture such snaps. But, in reality, the photographers biggest virtues are not  just still hands and an excellent eye for locating a moment worth capturing, but patience to wait for days together sometimes and also the much lesser touted but equally important thing called courage and endurance. Have a look at these pictures, I had taken the snapshots from the documentary video to share with the readers, every picture has a very interesting story behind it and also other thousands of snaps which were discarded with....

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  1. Swapnali says:

    I love NG for its pictures. Have a good collection of about 2/3 years of NG. Thanks for following my blog. I accepted/published the comment you posted, but looks like it has got lost in the cyberworld. I can't see it anymore.

  1. Mural! says:

    You should watch that documentary then! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I already sensed something was wrong then n put in another comment too......when something deserves a comment, I make sure the comment is heard :)

    I am really glad to have dropped by your blog swapnali, you've got such a refreshing writing style. I will slowly go through your other posts too :)

  1. Magali says:

    These pictures are Bee-yoo-ti-full. I lovr thrm all, especially #4 & #6.

  1. Mural! says:

    try to watch the video of NatGeo then! the stories behind each of the pictures is mind boggling, you'll love them more!!

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