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World Food Crisis, The Great Australian Famine, The Rapid Development in Western China, The Changing Face of the Islamic Women and many more stories in pictures... Read Up!!!

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Nat Geo's Top 10 photos of the year

I have below the top 10 Nat Geo photographs for the year 2009. Many photographers are commissioned on projects to capture and illustrate topics given to them through real life photographs. Photography is an art form to express one's own take on a topic, one's own opinion through the emotion one aims to capture. Photographs not only capture an emotion but puts these emotions in place through the canvas of the world that is also included in the backdrop.

The R-word

I’ve been waiting the whole day to write this. Now that the International Women’s Day is done and over with, I have got something to say, heck I do!
Let me just put across that I am neither any male chauvanist pig or any other animal for that matter, nor a misogynist. I have just got some doubts which I consider valid, and the way I see is to justify just plainly troubles me to no end......

Time Travel

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Time is like the serene waters in a still lake. There is no beginning and there is no end. People who keep saying that in the beginning there was a big bang 13-14 billion years ago and then our universe came into existence are like the croaking frogs in the deep dark well, for whom their ignorance sets the limits to the boundaries of their universe. There was time beyond that point, but it is very difficult for many of us to jump the huge energy barrier that the big bang has caused. There has only been one person Canaan who is said to have done it, but we have not seen him come back again. Time is like the water in the lake, it just spreads in all directions, it is all enveloping, its grandeur is inexplicable and one can move from one point to another just like the fish in the lake. Only, you have to know how to do that, for then you will be one of us. We humans have been gifted with one of the most wonderful gifts in evolution that of the logical brain, but we have  been very slow to unravel its mysteries and completely understand its capacity.