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Breathe In, Breathe Out......

Video can be a very powerful tool to convey thoughts and ideas. Especially now-a-days with the information explosion, and the huge amounts of advertisements, catchy captions that are being put forward by one and all. A small video can help a long way in garnering the support from the segments of the populace who are traditionally supportive of your cause.

Here is a small video made by the Salvation Army.

This had been released in the "This Ad costs Nothing Campaign". They hit the bulls-eye with such a simple yet powerful way of waking both the sympathizers and the Not-for-profit Organization from their trance. Many NPOs had been sleep-walking where they had been spending insanely high amounts of money to advertise the Good work they are doing, in order to gain public support. YOU DON'T NEED LOTSA MONEY TO GARNER MORE SUPPORT.
For the general public, their view can be seen as a call for voluntary support which need not be financial.

I also wanted to share this video made by Greenpeace International. Another very simple, very small yet powerful video. Especially for this year, which can turn out to be a watershed for our future policymakers regarding Environmental Policy making.

Boasts more than 7 million views. Translated into more than 10 different languages. This 20-minute video has a dedicated website which provides the users with many resources, the interactive video being one among them. This video may not have been simple to make, nor that short, nor too cheap. But it is an educational video, which stresses on educating the viewer through a very novel and original animation and a narrator who takes over the issues regarding the over-consumptive attitudes that are beginning to plague a lot may people all over the world.

So, here, after a very, very boring day, I have come up with three distinct, yet similar, but thoroughly novel videos that can help any organization to gain insights into making a good video in order to convey their message in this ocean of multimedia information.


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  1. thumu says:

    awesome videos ....... guess i like the second one.... first one was too short..... third one was two long(even skipped a chunk of it)..... ad wise second one is gud

  1. rashmi says:

    hey nice blog...the videos were quite cool ..liked them !

  1. @thumu @rashmi thanx for the compliments :)

  1. Karthik says:

    Nice videos man! I liked the second and third very much. Keep going.
    And you asked me about how to stretch layout of my blog. But you have already done it. Just in case it still confuses you: select the template - 'Minima Stretch'
    And then you can change the background colour according to your taste. That's what i did.

  1. Anonymous says:

    this blog is one of a kind
    really liked all the videos..specially the second one....

    and the poo-poo post as well
    nice blog.. do visit mine and tell me what u think

  1. Mural! says:

    @Karthik, yup got that, thanks!
    @Rahul, really appreciate that dude :)

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