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Its a Mad World!!!

Had some doubts and views (not so brilliant, but hey, cut me some slack) during my Human Development class today.......

1. Why are all the countries striving to increase the life-expectancy of their populations?
Isn't there supposed to be a population explosion?

2. Who said that the world is biased towards men?
I see that the female life expectancy beats its counterpart's for any given age of a person! Isn't death considered the most intriguing awe-inspiring nerve-wracking and fear inducing of all the events in life?

3. That India is considered as a flawed Democracy!
Amazing after being fed day-after-day by the media reports that the Indian Democracy is the greatest in the world, whereas the world doesn't yet consider it to be a proper democracy at all!

4. Why are "they" calculating the Democracy Index for a country like North Korea (ans = 0.86)?
Someone's gone bonkers! Seriously, aren't we supposed to conserve our resources and do the "Saving the Planet" act?

5. Was the Happy Planet Index invented by the cubans to get back at Americans? Why are the Indians always so happy that they got democracy even though china got development-crazy?
Cuba is ranked 7, China is ranked 20, India is ranked 35 while USA is ranked 114. Obviously the Chinese are even scoring on the happiness front. Where the hell are you, Karma!

PS: I've happened to meet two Cubans during this summer, unfortunately the above mentioned statistic, though official might not be a correct metric.
I've also happened to be an Indian who has met quite a few friendly Chinese people who are very nice and happy, I've got only one thing to say.

We've got Kamasutra, In your FACE!!!

7 comments to “ Its a Mad World!!! ”

  1. The last line was totally LOL!!
    FYI, i really did laugh..

  1. Anonymous says:

    I ardently feel that the point 2 is ardently true...
    the world needs to know that women get twice as much as men force out from others.....

  1. Mural! says:

    @smalltown_girl, glad to know that, @Rahul hell yeah!

  1. AnSh says:

    even i laughed at last sentence.
    nicely written, and factful :D

  1. Mural! says:

    @AnSh, thankyou very much :)

  1. as much as 1st is considered I guess its a measure to crub population....hw can u expect population when there are only oldies left?

    and LOL at the last line considering I shared rooms with chinese and lived with em for 2 years :D

  1. Mural! says:

    if the life-expectancy isn't increased, where do the old people go???

    Answer: The storks took them! (BAD, i know!)

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