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Of Cats and Dogs....!

I'm soggy and drippy,
drenchy and mulchy,
I've been sneezing with wheezing,
just for one late night's dining!

I've got to learn a big lesson today. One should start believing in the meteorology department. If you are anything like me, and think of them as buffoons running a total Farce, then you're in for shit, deep shit, like I was today, just a few minutes back!


They put up this notice saying that there is going to be "heavy to very heavy rainfall". But it has been a downpour since the morning for around 12 hours continuously.

Like any of the 7 nights in a week, 365 nights in a year, I had this little strong innocent midnight craving for food (some call it hunger, nowadays, young-people!).

The result, I had to wade through knee deep water for miles as all the nearby canteens had taken a holiday(or night?).

Don't get me wrong, I totally enjoyed the trip, the toads gave me company with their "WIBBICK"'s, and so did the LGBs (li'l green bastards, if you happen to be from some other universe and did'nt understand me earlier).
This year it hardly rained in India in general and here in Kharagpur compared to last few years, but when it did today, it poured cats and dogs.

There were even tree branches falling! one that fell, just a few centimetres from me when I was busy waliking, sorry wading through the water.

I got my very own near death experience! :P

What about you?
What were you doing?

12 comments to “ Of Cats and Dogs....! ”

  1. Anonymous says:

    that is a problem indeed..
    but the downpour is fun.....
    and u didn't believe in meteorology depptt.?? Why man? u got to..whenever they tell something bad..

  1. Mural! says:

    downpour was fun.....during the day! when it began, but then it went on and on and on.......not fun now!

    haha yea, learnt it the heard way :P

  1. idonno says:

    "downpour was fun ... not fun now!"

    ya .. that is what awesomeness is followed by sickness means .. :D :P

  1. Mural! says:

    not fun...but not sickness too!
    just different perceptions :D

  1. Karthik says:

    Dude, after seeing the first pic, i wished i were there. Even though there was a downpour, it must've been fun. I smelled adventure. But yes, only you know how severe it was..

  1. Please don't talk about feeling hungry at night. Prior to this, I knew not what hunger was. Simply skipping the horrid-cold-yellow-Bisi-bele huli at the hostel canteen resulted in rabid hunger. You at least could wade out for food huh? We live in the middle of nowhere and stepping out at night is an invite for rape. Jeez.

  1. Mural! says:

    @Karthik, It was fun!
    @Saummiya yes they were!
    @Vizag Junkie I can understand your feelings about the drab canteen food, we hardly ever eat there now-a-days! Rape!! thats bad, thats bad, thats really really BAD!!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey check out my blog.....
    there is something waiting for u

  1. Mural! says:

    yup, your article is good....though a bit overcomplicated maybe!

    Had put in a comment :)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey is that really you in those pics????
    After reading this...Iam missing rain :(
    I want it to rain here.......NOWWWW :~D

  1. Mural! says:

    haha no, those were some random pix I picked off the net, it was too dark in here to take a nice snap then.

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